Goals and Strategy

ChemMed Tarragona is set to contribute increasing awareness of the Tarragona area as a first-level location for chemical production, services, research and logistics:

  • Consolidate existing production facilities and the network of ancillary industries

  • Attract new investment, always taking into account sustainability and necessary balance with the different economic drivers in the area.


The various partners and members of the chemical industry, professional associations, public facilities, and research and development centers member of ChemMed Tarragona together provide a wide range of competencies, contributing to reinforce the area competitiveness for chemical production.

The forward-looking developments in the fields of catalysis (focus on sustainability and health catalysis) and chemistry for energy are also a major benefit to the region.

Regular meetings of ChemMed Tarragona offer its members the opportunity to network, swap ideas and benefit from synergies. The available areas for new development and investment offer additional synergies through their proximity to other chemical companies, suppliers, and customers. There is land availability for new plants. ChemMed Tarragona provides a comprehensive establishing service of new companies.