ChemMed Tarragona has been present, for a second successive year, in the annual edition of the EPCA (European Petrochemical Association), an event of international relevance which is the meeting point par excellence of the chemical industry in Europe, for which the Port Tarragona is partner.

One of the main priorities in the context of this 4th annual meeting of the EPCA, coinciding with the recent presentation of the strategic plan of the cluster, it has been to project internationally the cluster ChemMed Tarragona, its potential and the advantages of investing in the territory.

The President of the Port of Tarragona and Vice president of ChemMed, Josep Andreu, the General Director of the Port of Tarragona and treasurer of ChemMed, Francesc Sánchez, the Commercial and Business Development Director, Genoveva Climent, and Eva Canal, responsible for Institutional Relations of AEQT have led the cluster representation in Berlin, in this important chemistry forum where they have held meetings and networking with chemical companies (production, storage, and transportation).

ChemMed Tarragona values the presence in these days of meetings in which it has been made contacts with different companies and it has been recognized the great interest in intermodal rail and the availability of European gauge, which reinforces the needs to have a real calendar in order to have operational the European gauge for the industry territory.

In these B2B meetings (business to business) it has been also promoted the expansion of the chemical quay of Port de Tarragona in front of the main management terminals companies, infrastructures that allow support such an important activity for the Port as is the movement of chemicals and petrochemicals products. At the same time, it has been given to know the logistic services, specialized infrastructure and new investments in the established meetings with key players of the worldwide chemical industry and companies of logistic field.

All with the aim of promoting contacts with the chemical industry and transport containers companies. The meetings have focused on highlighting the international projection of ChemMed Tarragona, present the service offer and new investments in strategic infrastructures, making known the new intermodal infrastructure and connections and services currently offered by the Port in the logistics railway with its hinterland.

20141005-Foto-ChemMed-EPCA-Viena-300x225Participants at EPCA, the most significant annual meeting of Europe’s chemical industry, learned firsthand about ChemMed Tarragona, the Mediterranean chemical cluster.

Representatives of the AEQT and the Port of Tarragona, led by their respective presidents, presented the region’s chemical industry to the most important stakeholders in the chemical sector at the event in Vienna.

At the weekend, in co-operation with EPCA (the European Petrochemical Association), ChemMed Tarragona organised an event to present Tarragona’s chemical cluster and explain the advantages of investing our region. The roundtable was attended by the editor of HCB, an industry publication, Peter Mackay, who led the event; the president of ChemMed, Jesus Loma-Ossorio; the general director of the Port of Tarragona, Francesc Sánchez; and Repsol’s director of business development and innovation, who also sits on the board of EPCA.

The four attendees debated the role of the cluster in Europe, and agreed that Tarragona was ideally positioned in today’s global chemical landscape to attract investment. A commitment to a cluster with abundant synergies, a desire to help new companies join, and a very highly-trained and aware environment are three of the key aspects which make Tarragona an excellent choice for future investment in the sector.

The event, which brought together some of the most important companies in the industry, marked the first time ChemMed Tarragona has taken part in the EPCA annual meeting. ChemMed representatives will continue to explain the project to executives in the global chemical industry until next Tuesday.