Els propers 7, 8 i 9 de maig es celebrarà a IFEMA, a Madrid, la segona edició de Chemplast Expo. En aquesta segona edició, CPE 2019 aspira de nou a convertir-se en l’esdeveniment internacional líder en el sector de la indústria química i Plàstica. ChemMed Tarragona torna a ser col·laborador de l’esdeveniment en qualitat de Supporting Partner.

ChemPlastExpo és la fira industrial que reuneix a Madrid les més innovadores solucions en materials, tecnologies, processos i maquinària per a la indústria química i del plàstic. Amb aquesta fira els professionals del sector disposen de 3 dies en els quals el visitant que busca coneixement, innovació i competències per créixer professionalment s’acosta a l’expositor capaç d’oferir exactament aquestes solucions.

Al costat del espai expositiu de Chemplast s’oferirà el Congrés de Química Aplicada i Indústria 4.0, i també el Congrés Europeu d’Enginyeria del Plàstic, 2 esdeveniments en els quals trobarem com un dels temes principals la implantació de l’anomenada indústria 4.0 en ambdós sectors.


ChemMed Tarragona has been present, for a second successive year, in the annual edition of the EPCA (European Petrochemical Association), an event of international relevance which is the meeting point par excellence of the chemical industry in Europe, for which the Port Tarragona is partner.

One of the main priorities in the context of this 4th annual meeting of the EPCA, coinciding with the recent presentation of the strategic plan of the cluster, it has been to project internationally the cluster ChemMed Tarragona, its potential and the advantages of investing in the territory.

The President of the Port of Tarragona and Vice president of ChemMed, Josep Andreu, the General Director of the Port of Tarragona and treasurer of ChemMed, Francesc Sánchez, the Commercial and Business Development Director, Genoveva Climent, and Eva Canal, responsible for Institutional Relations of AEQT have led the cluster representation in Berlin, in this important chemistry forum where they have held meetings and networking with chemical companies (production, storage, and transportation).

ChemMed Tarragona values the presence in these days of meetings in which it has been made contacts with different companies and it has been recognized the great interest in intermodal rail and the availability of European gauge, which reinforces the needs to have a real calendar in order to have operational the European gauge for the industry territory.

In these B2B meetings (business to business) it has been also promoted the expansion of the chemical quay of Port de Tarragona in front of the main management terminals companies, infrastructures that allow support such an important activity for the Port as is the movement of chemicals and petrochemicals products. At the same time, it has been given to know the logistic services, specialized infrastructure and new investments in the established meetings with key players of the worldwide chemical industry and companies of logistic field.

All with the aim of promoting contacts with the chemical industry and transport containers companies. The meetings have focused on highlighting the international projection of ChemMed Tarragona, present the service offer and new investments in strategic infrastructures, making known the new intermodal infrastructure and connections and services currently offered by the Port in the logistics railway with its hinterland.



The hall of the Port Authority of Tarragona has been this afternoon the scene where the Strategic Plan of the chemical cluster in the Mediterranean, ChemMed Tarragona, has been revealed. A year and a half after its creation, the cluster that brings together all the agents involved in the chemical industry in this territory, has put on the table the roadmap which provides work areas, strategic lines and actions to be taken. All aligned with the same goal: attract new investment to the territory and ensure the future of this industry in Tarragona.

The President of ChemMed Tarragona, Jesus Loma-Ossorio, has been the responsible for opening the event. The president also of AEQT has welcomed, and before getting started, he wanted to review the recent steps taken by the cluster. Loma-Ossorio explained the latest adhesions to the entity and which have been the latest market outlets, among which he has highlighted the missions made with consultants from around the world, a visit to the Maintenance Cluster of Colombia or the coming visit to the “EPCA Annual Meeting” in Berlin.

Loma, the president, wanted to emphasize that this strategic plan is a precision of the method to follow. He explained that it is about defining to the full the path we have to follow to achieve our goal. Loma-Ossorio recalled that until now it has done a work of general marketing, trying to project the brand ChemMed Tarragona to the world and now we want to connect with the target audience, to look for “target” contact that can be converted into future investors.

Once AEQT president has gone over the objectives and methodology of the strategic plan, it was the turn of the conclusions and guidelines to follow. The Vice President of ChemMed Tarragona and President of the Port of Tarragona, Josep Andreu, has been the person in charge of developing it. Andreu has defined four action areas where ChemMed is going to focus its efforts. Four action areas from which are derived twelve strategic lines.

These four action areas will be divided into “Organization and Services”, “Business Development”, “Marketing and Institutional Relations” and “Innovation and Competitiveness”.

Finally, Josep Andreu has given way to the actions that have to translate these strategic lines. In this structuring work, the president of the Port of Tarragona has also informed about the establishment of four working committees which would be responsible for responding to the above-named four action areas.

The event also was used for presenting the Cluster service catalog. The General Director of ChemMed, Teresa Pallares, has explained this presentation, which brings the potential that the cluster presents. Pallarès explained that in there it can be found the main figures of the Tarragona Industry, the pooled services or all of the agents that make the environment up and give added value to ChemMed Tarragona project.


The Chemical Mediterranean Cluster has gathered 25 consultants, of national and international level, in order to present ChemMed and the chemical pole of Tarragona as a good destination for future investments. This event, dedicated to consulting and engineering was motivated by the strategic role that can play this kind of companies seeking new locations for companies of the sector, which is the target audience of ChemMed.

At 9 am the event began in the function room of the Port Authority. There, the presidents of the AEQT and the Port of Tarragona, Jesus Loma-Ossorio and Josep Andreu, welcomed the attendees. Loma-Ossorio has placed the audience, by reviewing the history of this industry in Tarragona, which led to the creation of the Cluster and also explained which potential this project differs from its competitors. For his part, Josep Andreu explained that the aim is to continue with the international projection and recalled that Tarragona is one of the regions of Europe with a forecast of higher growth in the coming years. The president of the Port de Tarragona also highlighted the potential of the industry, logistics and other members of the cluster. Upon completion of this greeting, the CEO of the Port, Francesc Sanchez, was responsible for making the corporate presentation of ChemMed, who has deepened in every detail of this project, which seeks to attract investment in Tarragona. To conclude this first part of the day, consultants and engineers were able to visit the port facilities, from the sea by boat.

The day continued after the visit to the port with a session at the site of Bayer MS in where the cluster was presented as an example of integration of companies. In Bayer the four installed companies in the site; presented their cases. The manager director of Bayer Ms, Jesús Loma was the first to speak. Followed Elix director, David Casteñeda; Bertschi director, Markus Widmer; and the director of Kemira, Lluís Sabaté. Finished the speeches a bus toured the places of MS Bayer Industrial Park, where it has been known in situ the cases explained above.

To end this first consulting and engineering meeting, the expedition traveled to Port Aventura facilities. There, after a snack, four companies of the Tarragona chemical polygon presented their cases to the attendees. This part of the session was opened by the Director of Engineering and Development of Repsol Química in Tarragona, Maria Mas, who presented the industrial complex that Repsol has in the territory and some of the future projects in which they are working on. Followed Emilio Bravo, head of BASF Spanish production in Tarragona, who explained the investment that the sister company will do in the production of food and agriculture in Tarragona . The third speaker was the CEO of Dow Chemical in Tarragona, Kepa Diaz de Mendíbil, who presented how his company is betting in Tarragona, and through investments by step towards specialty products with high added value, and research and development. It closed this session of talks the Director of Clariant in Tarragona, Miguel Muñoz, who presented his ‘business case’ and the latest investments of the company in Tarragona. Some presentations that demonstrated the bet of the companies already established on specialties and the products with high added value. In these four presentations was made patent also the certain of one of the objectives of ChemMed, which is simply to attract investment, whether the new companies such as those that are already established and are still betting on the territory.


This morning, the Shed 1 “Moll de la Costa”, in Port de Tarragona, has been the frame of the inauguration of TankBank 2015, one of the major international events in the petrochemical field and it has chosen Tarragona in order to hold its first meeting in the Mediterranean. Tony Quinn, CEO of TankBank International; Josep Andreu, president of the Port de Tarragona and Francesc Sánchez, general manager of the Port de Tarragona were in charge of welcoming the hundred attendees which are representatives of major companies in the storage industry, management of chemical and petrochemical terminals, European Ports and manufacturers of storage tanks.

In his speech, the president of the Port de Tarragona, and vice president of ChemMed, defended the strategic role that plays this territory on the international map and the possibilities it offers as an investment destination. Before him, the CEO of TankBank, Tony Quinn, has given the starting point for the conference and he wanted to stress the great potential of Tarragona, not only for its strategic location, also for the ability that the territory has in economic and development growth next to the powerful chemical industry and the Port de Tarragona. Moreover, among others, the director of Tepsa Spain, LLuis Sala and the Director of Operations of Repsol refinery in Tarragona, Baltasar, Boix have spoken this morning.

Before ending the morning conference the participants have made a sea tour by port facilities.

The Chemical Cluster of the Mediterranean has put full stop to the first day of TankBank in Tarragona in the Hipòlit sarcophagus room in Tower of Pretorio, which has hosted the presentation of this project that brings together the Chemical Industry, the Port de Tarragona and all the agents surrounding the sector in this territory. Its president, Jesus Loma-Ossorio, presented to the attendees the project in company of the vice president of ChemMed Tarragona, Josep Andreu.

President of AEQT and ChemMed explained that the cluster born just to anticipate the future, placing a value on the potential of Tarragona and to project this brand to the world in search of investments to consolidate the future of this industry in the territory. Loma took the opportunity to travel back in time to explain what role the petrochemical sector has played in the last half century in Tarragona and how now it makes a step forward into the specialties world.

This afternoon session was also attended by the Mayor of Tarragona, who wanted to receive the TankBank attendees in the same “Tower del Pretorio”. In his speech the mayor stressed the importance of the territory as an economic engine, pointing the chemical industry, the Port de Tarragona and other sectors such as knowledge and tourism. Josep Felix Ballesteros has placed the audience in the historic site where they were, recalling that Tarragona is a place not only of past and present also with future.



Tarragona hosts one of the major international events in the petrochemical sector

TankBank 2015 will be held in Tarragona the next 2 and 3 of July in what will be the first meeting in the Mediterranean. Tank bank is an international event held annually with the aim of creating contacts between the attending companies (networking), and where participate the major companies in the storage industry, management of chemical and petrochemical terminals, European ports, storage tanks manufacturers , etc.

TankBank Tarragona 2015 will be a major international event full of presentations and high-level conferences. During this meeting, the participants made an extensive tour to the port facilities in Tarragona, with visits to terminals and petrochemical companies located in the territory which comprising the most important Southern European chemical industrial zone.

The Port de Tarragona has worked in recent months in order to finally this event can take place in Tarragona. The TankBank 2015 will certainly be an excellent platform to make internationally known the potential of the Port de Tarragona, chemical industry and especially of ChemMed Tarragona cluster.

Last year, the Port de Tarragona participated in the event TankBank held in London, where it was announced the efficient logistics services and infrastructure in front of entrepreneurs, logistics operators and responsible of port terminals worldwide.

Spreading the extension of the “Moll de la Química” to new operators

Within the framework of Tank Bank 2015 and with the vision of internationalization, the Port de Tarragona will announce the expansion of the “Moll de la Quimica” to the global chemistry industry leading companies and management of storage of chemical and petrochemical terminals. The aim is to promote commitment to positioning as a petrochemical hub port that has allowed the Port de Tarragona to improve their competitiveness and become more attractive in front of large international operators, which currently do not operate in the Mediterranean. The Moll de la Química put on the market available hectares, while giving competitive to companies that are already installed in the Port de Tarragona providing greater draught.

Another objective pursued by the TankBank event in Tarragona, is to show the potential of the territory (port and chemical industry) and make it an attractive option for foreign investment. The event will provide the opportunity to generate networking.

Undoubtedly, TankBank 2015 also will become an important international platform for ChemMed Tarragona, and to make known the sum of the chemical industry, the Port and all the agents around him. The major infrastructure associated as the pipe rack Dixquimics, regenerated water plant, Chemical Safety Parks, common emissary, the Moll de la quimica or the common service for the operation of marine pollution contingency are some of the examples that have given meaning to the premise that there is strength in numbers.

For registration: http://www.tankbank.com.sg/events/



Within the framework of the International Logistics Exhibition (SIL), ChemMed Tarragona has organized this morning the 4th SIL CHEMICAL Conference, which has carried the title: “ChemMed Tarragona, common infrastructures and competitive services.”

After more than a year of international renown, the most important chemical cluster in Southern Europe, promoted by the Chemical Business Association of Tarragona (AEQT) and the Port de Tarragona, has returned to the SIL to expose his maturity as a cluster, and to value  that ChemMed Tarragona is the brand under which the synergies between Port and chemical industry have gathered for more than 40 years.

In this fourth edition of the SIL CHEMICAL have took part as speakers Jesus Loma-Ossorio, president of ChemMed Tarragona and AEQT; Josep Andreu, vice president of ChemMed Tarragona and president of Port de Tarragona; Marc Fargas, CEO of AITASA; Teresa Pallares, general manager of ChemMed Tarragona and AEQT; and Francesc Sánchez, ChemMed board member and CEO of the Port de Tarragona.

In his speech, the president of ChemMed Tarragona reviewed a year of international repercussion of the cluster, and has wanted to highlight the competitive advantages of the cluster and also that it makes the territory an interesting location for investment. Loma-Ossorio has emphasized the potential of the chemical industry of Tarragona, the great depth and specialization of port infrastructure, the specialization of services of the territory, the human capital and the 350 available hectares that the chemical industry and the port offer for new investments.

However, Loma-Ossorio has made a review of recent investments in Tarragona Chemical companies such as Dow Tarragona, Clariant, Kemira, Repsol and BASF.

In turn, the vice president of ChemMed Tarragona has stressed the importance of the presence of ChemMed in the SIL, one of the main logistics showcase in Southern Europe. And he has wanted to show that the Port de Tarragona is a partner that adds value to the chemical industry through competitive infrastructures, and he has given as example the  Logistics Activities Area of the Port of Tarragona. Andreu also took the stage of the event to name the three leading exponents of the needs of the chemical industry and the territory, the complaints of connection with the European width, the A27 and a better power management.

Marc Fargas, CEO of AITASA, explained to the audience about the competitiveness of shared services among different companies that make it up the AEQT and the Port de Tarragona, such as Rack Dixquímics (connecting companies with each other and with the Port) the “Emisario Submarino” (by connecting all companies at the same outfall and allowing greater management of spills) and the regenerating water station.

The presentation of Teresa Pallares has entitled “Efficiency of general services: Prevention Project on marine contingencies, fire station and health services”. The general manager of ChemMed Tarragona has valued the three chemical safety parks located in the northern polygon, polygon south and inside the port land, and the three parks give service to any of the companies that are around it.

Finally, Francesc Sánchez has made a radiograph of the chemical industry sector in the international area, and stressed the importance of ports as logistic platforms; and as now they should manage their efforts to become big  intermodal infrastructure in order to being export hubs to other countries.

In this sense, he highlighted the port infrastructures as for example the recently finalized extension of “muelle de la quimica” that puts on the market available hectares , while it gives competitiveness to companies that are already installed on the port providing a higher draught. He also wanted to emphasize the intermodal terminal in the Port de Tarragona, offering competitive customer service and it is an open intermodal services companies in the territory. And finally he emphasized the development of the area of logistics activities, which will operate in the near future.


20140604 Foto ChemMed SIL Chemical

ChemMed Tarragona sponsors the SIL CHEMICAL 2015, in collaboration with the promoters of the cluster : Port de Tarragona and the Chemical Business Association of Tarragona (AEQT). The conference will take place on Thursday 11th June at 9.30 am in the Pabilex room, in the context of the International Logistics , and entitled as “ChemMed Tarragona, common infrastructure and competitive services”. In this way, after more than one year of international diffusion, the chemical cluster in the Mediterranean returns to SIL to expose his maturity as a cluster and to value the strengths and assets on the global map of the chemical industry and logistics.

ChemMed Tarragona is a brand for the promotion at international level with some very clear lines which show that Tarragona has all the elements necessary  to develop the future challenges of the sector.

The SIL CHEMICAL 2015 is the fourth edition which this year includes as speakers Jesus Loma-Ossorio, president of ChemMed Tarragona and AEQT; Josep Andreu i Figueras, president of the Port de Tarragona and vice president of ChemMed Tarragona; Marc Fargas, CEO of AITASA; Teresa Pallares, general manager of AEQT and ChemMed Tarragona and Francesc Sánchez, CEO of the Port of Tarragona and board member of ChemMed Tarragona.

ChemMed Tarragona is the most important chemical cluster in the Mediterranean. The sum of the chemical industry, the port and all the agents that surround it have  provided a reality that has 50 years of experience and highlighting, among others, major infrastructure associated, as the pipe rack Dixquímics, plant regenerated water, the Chemical Safety Parks, common emissary, the moll de la química or common service for the operation of marine pollution contingency, are some of the examples that have given meaning to the premise that there is strength in numbers .

To register on the day SIL CHEMICAL 2015: http://www.silbcn.com/cat/actos_jornadas/jornada_chemical.php




The President of the Chemical Cluster in the Mediterranean, Jesús Loma-Ossorio, has presented this afternoon the project ChemMed Tarragona in the bosom of the ‘6th meeting of the Chemical Sector’, annually organized by FEIQUE and IESE Business School.

The also chairman of the Chemical Business Association of Tarragona (AEQT)  explained that ChemMed brings together industry, port and all the agents who surround him in a project of present and future. The Chemical Cluster, explained Loma, was born the last year as a response to the threats that market could see in the short, medium and long term. It was about, therefore, to put the focus point on an industry that bet for high value-added products. The President of ChemMed Tarragona explained that this cluster puts at the service of the investment the know-how and synergies created during the half-century that the history of chemical industry has  in the territory. Loma-Ossorio has referred to the economic benefits that  can assume a newcomer company, as it can concentrate all their economic efforts in the nucleus, in the business, taking advantage of all the infrastructure that is already built and, thus, saving, and in some cases, up to 50% of what  could mean be installed in a greenfield.

The explanation of Loma-Ossorio has been framed within the round table on the ‘promotion of industrial investment’, which has analyzed the processes of decision in enterprises, their ability to finance themselves and the own role of the clusters in obtaining new investments. This has been moderated by the Professor of IESE and academic director of this forum, Joan Roure.

The table has counted on exceptional speakers, as the CEO of BASF in the South of Europe, Erwin Rauhe, who has spoken about the decision proces in multinational companies; The Managing Director of the financial group Riva y García, Ignacio García-Nieto, which has conferred on obtaining funding;the Group Juste, Ines Juste ,President and CEO of Panreac and President of Fedequim, Joan Roget, who have offered their views about decision-making in SMEs.

The cluster will be released by its president, Jesus Loma-Ossorio.

Tuesday morning IESE Barcelona will host the sixth meeting of the Chemical Sector, organized every year by the prestigious business school. The event, organized jointly by IESE and Feique (the Federation of the Spanish Chemical Industry), will have as a main aim this 2015  the  investment and growth. In this context, Tarragona will be the focus, from the hand of ChemMed cluster. The president of ChemMed and AEQT ,Jesus Loma-Ossorio, will intervene in the ‘Revitalisation of Industrial Investment’ block. In it, Loma-Ossorio will develop the role and figure of the clusters as poles of attraction for investment. The maximum of ChemMed cluster, will expose the case of Tarragona, and he will talk about the experience of this first year of life in the Mediterranean chemical cluster . Loma-Ossorio will share table with other prominent names of the global chemical outlook, such as Erwin Rauhe, BASF CEO Southern Europe; Inés Juste Juste Group President; Joan Roget, CEO, and Chairman of Panreac FEDEQUIM; and Ignacio García-Nieto, CEO of Riva y García Financial Group Director. This sixth meeting will be open by the President of Feique, Anton Valero, and the Professor Joan Roure in IESE.

This event, which is called ‘Invest & Grow’ aims to, first,  analyze the long-term prospects of the main demanding sectors of the chemical industry, taking into account both: economic behavior and structural changes.

Secondly, is going to be analyzed the key rules that multinationals or SMEs in the chemical sector have in mind when they are going to be located in a country or increase their productive capacities. This will allow us to clearly identify the factors which influencing the decision process of the companies, as well as the necessary steps that governments should take to design an effective industrial policy.

Finally, will be addressed the main differentiating factor of the competitiveness of the chemical industry nowadays: The energy. The purpose of the table is to analyze, from the point of view of producers, traders and consumers, what should be the design of energy policy to ensure a competitive and consistent cost with the constraints of security of supply and sustainability.