ChemMed Tarragona presents its strategic plan
1 October, 2015



The hall of the Port Authority of Tarragona has been this afternoon the scene where the Strategic Plan of the chemical cluster in the Mediterranean, ChemMed Tarragona, has been revealed. A year and a half after its creation, the cluster that brings together all the agents involved in the chemical industry in this territory, has put on the table the roadmap which provides work areas, strategic lines and actions to be taken. All aligned with the same goal: attract new investment to the territory and ensure the future of this industry in Tarragona.

The President of ChemMed Tarragona, Jesus Loma-Ossorio, has been the responsible for opening the event. The president also of AEQT has welcomed, and before getting started, he wanted to review the recent steps taken by the cluster. Loma-Ossorio explained the latest adhesions to the entity and which have been the latest market outlets, among which he has highlighted the missions made with consultants from around the world, a visit to the Maintenance Cluster of Colombia or the coming visit to the “EPCA Annual Meeting” in Berlin.

Loma, the president, wanted to emphasize that this strategic plan is a precision of the method to follow. He explained that it is about defining to the full the path we have to follow to achieve our goal. Loma-Ossorio recalled that until now it has done a work of general marketing, trying to project the brand ChemMed Tarragona to the world and now we want to connect with the target audience, to look for “target” contact that can be converted into future investors.

Once AEQT president has gone over the objectives and methodology of the strategic plan, it was the turn of the conclusions and guidelines to follow. The Vice President of ChemMed Tarragona and President of the Port of Tarragona, Josep Andreu, has been the person in charge of developing it. Andreu has defined four action areas where ChemMed is going to focus its efforts. Four action areas from which are derived twelve strategic lines.

These four action areas will be divided into “Organization and Services”, “Business Development”, “Marketing and Institutional Relations” and “Innovation and Competitiveness”.

Finally, Josep Andreu has given way to the actions that have to translate these strategic lines. In this structuring work, the president of the Port of Tarragona has also informed about the establishment of four working committees which would be responsible for responding to the above-named four action areas.

The event also was used for presenting the Cluster service catalog. The General Director of ChemMed, Teresa Pallares, has explained this presentation, which brings the potential that the cluster presents. Pallarès explained that in there it can be found the main figures of the Tarragona Industry, the pooled services or all of the agents that make the environment up and give added value to ChemMed Tarragona project.