ChemMed will be presented at the meeting of the Chemical Sector of the IESE
8 June, 2015

The cluster will be released by its president, Jesus Loma-Ossorio.

Tuesday morning IESE Barcelona will host the sixth meeting of the Chemical Sector, organized every year by the prestigious business school. The event, organized jointly by IESE and Feique (the Federation of the Spanish Chemical Industry), will have as a main aim this 2015  the  investment and growth. In this context, Tarragona will be the focus, from the hand of ChemMed cluster. The president of ChemMed and AEQT ,Jesus Loma-Ossorio, will intervene in the ‘Revitalisation of Industrial Investment’ block. In it, Loma-Ossorio will develop the role and figure of the clusters as poles of attraction for investment. The maximum of ChemMed cluster, will expose the case of Tarragona, and he will talk about the experience of this first year of life in the Mediterranean chemical cluster . Loma-Ossorio will share table with other prominent names of the global chemical outlook, such as Erwin Rauhe, BASF CEO Southern Europe; Inés Juste Juste Group President; Joan Roget, CEO, and Chairman of Panreac FEDEQUIM; and Ignacio García-Nieto, CEO of Riva y García Financial Group Director. This sixth meeting will be open by the President of Feique, Anton Valero, and the Professor Joan Roure in IESE.

This event, which is called ‘Invest & Grow’ aims to, first,  analyze the long-term prospects of the main demanding sectors of the chemical industry, taking into account both: economic behavior and structural changes.

Secondly, is going to be analyzed the key rules that multinationals or SMEs in the chemical sector have in mind when they are going to be located in a country or increase their productive capacities. This will allow us to clearly identify the factors which influencing the decision process of the companies, as well as the necessary steps that governments should take to design an effective industrial policy.

Finally, will be addressed the main differentiating factor of the competitiveness of the chemical industry nowadays: The energy. The purpose of the table is to analyze, from the point of view of producers, traders and consumers, what should be the design of energy policy to ensure a competitive and consistent cost with the constraints of security of supply and sustainability.